Sunday, March 13, 2011

Space Cadet

Yes yes
I know I'm a space cadet
of the first degree
I might die alone on saturn
her rocky rings my only comfort
as I gaze out over a desolate sky
or maybe
just maybe
I'll be surrounded by love
because I am blind to everything else
maybe me and my love will sit
amongst fiery flowers
breathing in their wisdom
as we contemplate a violet sky
and what some might say
is a fool's revolution
the one that lives peacefully
within our hearts
to live in my world
on my planet
is to gaze upon every living thing
with renewed wonder
to swim through the day
in a haze of hellos
I'm listening
(sort of)
tell me something about yourself
tell me something amazing
if not
I'll let you talk
and hope you don't notice
the change in my eyes
as I plunge off
the edge of the world
I share with you
to explore my own
discover something
far more fascinating
than the mundane materialism
that someone devilishly told this world
was of the utmost importance
I'd rather live in my dreams!
I'd rather be a dream
even as you try to nail me
to the floor

copyright 2008 Marissa Arterberry

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