Sunday, March 13, 2011

She Died

She died!
she died and I
couldn't find a picture
I panicked
trying to remember her face
searching all the old boxes of photos
WHY did we have no photos
of this beautiful woman
who meant so much to us?
I struggled
to remember
the face
the melodic voice
of that woman
who so lovingly
scooped me up in her arms
her wig of black ringlets
her smiling eyes
my favorite treat in the world
I remember
big dinners of
fried chicken
baked macaroni
and walks up Ocean Avenue
stopping every so often
so she could catch her breath
and then one terrible day
she was gone
and I couldn't
find her!
her grave
no one knew
where she was buried
so their were no flowers to leave
the men of the family
having lost their minds
not long after her passing
had it really been her
that held them together
all those years?
no remnant
no memory
of this woman
whose life meant
so much to me!
that was agonizing.

copyright 2007 Marissa Arterberry

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