Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inauguration Poem

What does it mean
to wake up
on a cool January morning
and see
history unfold
a Black man
sworn into office
the President of the United States
a man who
has given so many in this country
but most of all
drive and determination
to work for change
in our society
in our lives
no one
will save us
Barack Obama
constantly reminds us
we must save ourselves
in America's darkest hours
it is time
to dive into the river
of our own dreams
our happiness
a vision
set it in our sights
and walk the same road
our ancestors did
maybe they were afraid
but much more than that
they were brave
Obama represents
a transformation
new hope
self empowerment
here I stand
in the light of this moment
A Black woman
an artist
one who has been galvanized
to renew her own sense of purpose
to work harder
to realize
her dreams
are much larger
than her life alone
her visions
are not simply
for her own healing
but to be shared
with the nation
the world
as we lift each other up
each one contributing something
building a dream
that includes everybody
today is a new day
today I feel the light
of something beautiful

copyright 2009 Marissa Arterberry

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