Sunday, March 13, 2011

Black Girl: New York City

New York City

Up in Harlem
on West 125th Street
the West African queens bloom
like hothouse flowers
clustered on the corner
in their colorful dresses
sharing stories
and gossip

Down in Brooklyn
the Black girls are aglow
with easy smiles
and soft afros
black clouds
kissed by the summer breeze
the air around them tinged
with the sweet smell of shea butter

Sudanese songstress
takes the stage
a goddess with her face painted
eyes sparkling
as dreams and reality collide
to the rhythm of a drum
her sister sings with her
they stand close together
sharing smiles
and some secret delight
no one else can touch

I witness reflections of
crammed into the subway
walking down the street
we move through this landscape
radiating love
and taking no shit
in the loveliest way possible

we are the roots
the concrete
the sky
the truthful vision

copyright 2008 Marissa Arterberry

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